What a experience day I had over the weekend when my real cousin came to stay with me and for the first time ever he evern got to change my nappy to help me 🙂 I know what you thinking but when you was young you never got to say whoever changed you and if family or friends came round then if you was wet or had a messy nappy on then they would help out but myself I can’t remember that far back 🙁 but anyway….

During the weekend my real cousin got to stay with me and yes he knows about my ab/little life, then again how can I hide my bedroom with a adult cot hehe so anyway what we did was I wanted to see how far I could push myself to being a little/ab going out in public so on a very hot day I wear a thick terry nappy and a booster pad inside including plastic pants and plain white short onesie with sholder drops (like baby ones) and evern had a dummy to walk around with and we went on a dayout to the local beach and got to wear my bib when was eating and then I got to visiting a Changing Place where a adult changing table was and my real cousin changed me 🙂 (photos in my gallery) was a amazing day I had and evern was sucking on my dummy on the way home 🙂