Leicester Munch Meet (23rd September 2018) After

Wow, what an amazing day I had 🙂 including meeting up some old friends but sadly 7 people turn up which was a bit disappointed because you try and arrange a date for everyone to attend but so many excuse and then nothing happens but here is what we all go to :

*Played with toys & games

*Others got to read stories

*Story time with bottles of milk

*Nap time (sleep for the little ones)

*Played with toys & games before home time 🙁

with a BIG thank you to the staff for looking after us then I must say it was a great day there and lets hope the next start to get bigger and better !

AB Side Gotten Better Of Me..

Over the last couple of weeks it’s gotten very bad for me that I lost alot of money in which was involved in a scam which involved my ab side and don’t want to go into much detail but it sounded to good to be true and yes it was especially they said they could turn me into a baby again and thought yea right and like what I did I take the bait and yes got scammed 🙁

Just be careful what you find on the internet and like they if it sounded to good to be true it properly do !!