Adventuring Out To Local Beach

I do hate going out on my own and not having many friends or hanging out in nappies and really brings me down 🙁 But I did go and adventure out to my local beach the other day in my shorts and t-shirt 🙂

yes I had my onesie on in which can you tell ? 🙂

I always went a little to far padding as well (nappy)

and yes I needed a nappy change and lucky they had a changing place in the area

There is plenty more photos in my gallery and check out May 2018 Album 🙂

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Please bare with me at the moment

Please don’t worry with lack of updates on my website but I am slowly re adding my scanned content back onto the site for everyone to enjoy 🙂 I have been so busy with family I will always try and update it weekly with great photos and what I have been upto on my adventures and hope everyone can let there friends know about my new domain of thank you for your help and support.